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This is The End?

It saddens me to type this, but it must be done. I wanted to go on with the story, but I didn't know when, if ever, I'd be able to pick it back up. I originally thought that I'd put it off until the end of the Semester, but the longer I wait, the longer the story will "collect dust" and be forgotten about. I was speaking with a guy randomly yesterday and the topic came up about Fan Fiction and how he'd gotten into one story and the person never finished it. I had replied that that sucked and it made me think of my own. Yes, it's not the most popular blog, but I do know a few were interested. And you few don't deserve to be left to wonder when it'll come back. So instead of A) Writing the rest without pictures or B) Continuing to put it off, I am going with C. C being calling it quits and closing the book earlier than I hoped. I have wrote and quit stories before, but those were never personal. This is the most personal thing I have ever written and shared with "The World". I wanted to say this in "the end", but this is "the end", so I guess it's still appropriate. 

Jeremy is/was me. My mother was Veronica for as long as I could remember. I never understood how she could abandon us or why. To this day, I don't understand, but we do have a relationship now. Is everything peachy? Far from it. But it's better. I don't hate her anymore. And I'm not spending restless nights staying up and crying over where she is or when she'll come back. I don't know WHY I wanted to write this story, maybe I felt it'll help. But it's been years and I would like to think that I've healed. But there is still that little girl trapped inside me, always wondering, always asking Why? Why weren't we good enough? 

Maybe it's a good thing I didn't finish this. I had too many problems and it just seemed like it just wasn't meant to be wrote. Seriously, I've had games crash, but this one did it repeatedly. And If I were to continue, I'd pretty much have to re-create all my characters. I love them, but no thanks. That's a commitment that I just can't do right now. At this point, I'm all over the place. I just want to try lose ends I suppose. 

I would love to say that I'll be back with another story, but I'd feel really crappy about that since I didn't finish this one. But then again..story writing and taking pictures is one of the reasons I love the Sims game, so who knows? I DO know that I will still be reading. I got the opportunity to catch up a little today, but I know I'm still far behind. I hope you all understand and if/when I do write again, hopefully you will still be interested. 



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Still here!

Hey, I know I posted a while back that the Fall Semester would be lighter and I'd have more time. I even wanted to write a second story. Funny thing..I hadn't made my schedule yet when I posted that. There was a change in plans and I'm actually taking more classes than I originally planned. So that means less free time. I will also start working soon so that's even less time :( I REALLY wanted to finish this story. It means more to me than my first, this one is more personal to me. But I really don't know when I'll have the time. And I have to pretty much "create" my sims again (that's a whole other story in itself). I just don't know what I'm going to do, but I didn't want to leave the readers hanging. When I know for sure if I'll continue, I will let you all know. I will still read your amazing stories though :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chapter Twenty: Let it go Pt. 2

Veronica nervously took her seat across from Shane and Kathy. She wished she could have simply slipped away and into her bedroom, but that wasn't going to be. 

"Veronica how was your experience? Tell us all about it." Kathy inquired. Shane and her looked over at Veronica, curiously, as they waited for her response.

"Um.." Veronica said and rubbed her hands across her thighs. She was nervous and her palms were beginning to feel clammy. 

"It was nice. I enjoyed seeing my family." Veronica said as if she was reading a script. 

It wasn't a total lie, she did enjoy seeing her family and spending time with them. It was the happiest time she had in a long time. 

"And how did they react to seeing you? Were they happy? Shocked?" Kathy went on. 

Veronica was beginning to feel like this was more of an interrogation than a therapy session, but she played along nonetheless. 

"They were happy. It's good to know they have my back, that they are supporting me." Veronica answered. 

Kathy nodded her head, she was pleased with Veronica's answers even though she really hadn't said much. 

"Good. That will get you through your time here, your families love and support. Did it encourage you?" Kathy went on.

"Yes, actually. I really enjoyed seeing my son--my children I mean. The youngest, Malcolm, he was filled with such joy. It warmed my heart. He's so young but still he filled me with the strength I need to go on." Veronica explained. She didn't want to fully open up about her visit, but here she was after all pouring her heart out. With a small white lie in the mix. 

"Good good. You ladies have a good night, your first day of work starts tomorrow." Kathy said and clasp her hands together happily. She waved and headed towards her room. 

Veronica and Shane took turns showering and getting ready for bed. After they were all dressed and their teeth were brushed, they were setting their alarms for their big day tomorrow. 

Shane clicked her teeth and shook her head as she crossed her arms. Veronica eyed her suspiciously as the other woman stood in front of her. She found herself crossing her own arms and shooting her brows up questioningly. 

"So was that everything that happened?" Shane asked. Veronica maintained her questioning expression and said nothing. 

"In there." Shane said simply and nodded her head towards the living room. 

"What are you talking about?" Veronica asked. 

"I can read people, I'm pretty good at it." Shane said and placed one hand on her hip. "And you..girl you're lying about something." Shane said with a smirk, as if she was daring Veronica to deny it. 

"I still don't know what you're talking about." Veronica said. 

"Come in. I don't snitch, tell me." Shane practically begged. 

Veronica sighed. She hadn't actually done anything wrong. Would it really be so bad to tell Shane everything? They were roommates after all. 

"Okay so I wasn't completely honest." Veronica confessed.

"Ohh I knew it. Spill it." Shane urged. 

"I went to a bar." Veronica confessed. 

Shane sucked in air and her eyes widen. 

"What? You must have held back." Shane said and began studying her closely.

"Well I went there, but I didn't go in. I couldn't." Veronica quickly explained. She didn't need Shane getting the wrong idea. 

"Uh huh, sure. What else?" Shane inquired. 

Damn, she's worse than Kathy with these questions. Veronica thought. She found herself coming clean to Shane. She told her how she felt tempted to go inside and how it took every inch of her not to give in. She also shared how heart broken she was when Jeremy didn't show up.

"You're better than me." Shane commented when Veronica was finished. She had crossed her arms again and was shaking her head.

"Huh?" Veronica said. 

"Your son. He is disrespectful. Does he know what you're doing? How hard this is?" Shane said, her voice rising slightly. She shook her head again. "Couldn't be kids would never do that." 

"He has his reasons..' Veronica said softly. 

"Oh I'm sorry I thought you carried him for 9 months not the other way around. Kids now are so ungrateful!" Shane said as her temper continued spiking. 

"He has his reasons, good ones." Veronica repeated somewhat louder. 

"No he doesn't. You are here getting clean, so you can be the best mama you can be and he didn't even show up?" Shane went on. "No screw that. He needs his ass kicked." 

"I wasn't the best mother to him you know? I made my mistakes, plenty. And I don't blame him for not showing up. I wouldn't have either if I were him." Veronica said, her own voice beginning to rise.

 She was afraid of Shane. She had a personality that just naturally screamed "fear me" but Veronica couldn't sit idly by and take much more of this. Not when she was borderline insulting her son. 

"Don't defend him. You should be pissed off!" Shane said and narrowed her eyes.

"You don't know my son, hell you don't know me." Veronica said and found herself standing up. 

"I don't know what you've been telling yourself, but I'm being honestly with myself for the first time in a long time. I was a shitty mother, a shitty person in general. I got high, I drunk practically anything that gave me a good buzz and slept with so many guys that I don't even know who my youngest son's father is! I was a horrible person. But I'm not her anymore. And you need to realize something, you aren't perfect either! Because guess what, you're here with me." Veronica shouted. Shane stepped back slightly, shock spreading across her face. 

"We all do shit we're not proud of. Don't you dare tell me I haven't owned up to my demons, like you said. I'm here too." Shane stated. 

"You still don't get it do you? Are you that full of it?" Veronica screamed. She had had it with Shane. 

"I did whatever I wanted. I wasn't a perfect mother like you." Veronica said, the second bit was sarcastic humor. A final jab at Shane. 

"You bitch. You don't know shit about me or how I raised my kids! I did whatever I had to do for them. I didn't go around getting my rocks off for fun like you did!" Shane began exploding too. 

"Of course, because you're the best mother in the damn world. So great that you're in a half-way house instead of raising your children! How many do you have again?" Veronica said mockingly. 

"You wanna go bitch? Let's go." Shane said in a challenging way. 

Veronica was contemplating taking Shane up on her offer when the door suddenly swung open. 

"Ladies!" Kathy screamed at the top of her longs as she stood in front of the two women. 

"What is going on?!" She screamed at the two of them.

"Why don't you ask Mother Theresa over there?" Veronica said. 

"You better get her!" Shane yelled threateningly. She was seeing red and wouldn't stop until she was pounding Veronica's face in. 

"Veronica, living room now! Shane you too...separately." Kathy commanded. 

"What happened?" Kathy demanded as she watched the two women sit down. 

Veronica glared at Shane before taking her seat. 

"Go ahead, lie again bitch." Shane said and yawned. 

"Lie?" Kathy repeated. "What is she talking about Veronica?" 

"I didn't lie...exactly." Veronica answered. 

"You went to a bar!" Shane yelled. 

Veronica's mouth practically dropped on the floor. So much for not snitching.

"You did what?" Kathy inquired. 

"Thanks a lot." Veronica told Shane. 

"She didn't go in, but still..the bitch lied." Shane blurted out. 

"Why are you upset Shane?" Kathy said. She forgotten about Veronica's dishonesty for a moment and turned her attention to Shane, who now had tears coming down her face.

"I hate her!" Shane yelled. 

Kathy waited for Shane to finish, she was clearly not done. 

Shane angrily wiped away at her tears. 

"People like her don't deserve to be mothers. She put everything before her kids, who does that? A selfish bitch that's who! And that's who she is." Shane spat out and pointed at Veronica. Veronica looked guilty. She couldn't deny that Shane's words weren't true so she sat there, hanging her head low and feeling ashamed. 

"This isn't about Veronica." Kathy stated. Shane looked at her, looking lost. 

"It is!" Shane insisted. 

Kathy shook her head. 

"Who hurt you?" Kathy asked softly. 

Shane looked taken back, thrown off guard. She wanted to deny Kathy's assumption. She wanted to tell her that she was all wrong and this wasn't about her personal feelings, but she couldn't. Kathy could obviously read people well too. 

Shane's shoulders began to shake and it wasn't soon before the tears began streaming down her face uncontrollably. 

Kathy jumped out of her seat following Shane. She wasn't sure rather she should comfort her or let her cry it out. She needed to get her emotions out, emotions she had bottled up for God knows how long. 

"My mother.." Shane chocked out in between her tears. "I got knocked up when I was 17. I was scared, but I knew she'd be there you know?" Shane explained slowly. "But you know what?..She continued crying. 

"Go on." Kathy urged. She was breaking down, but it was a good thing. It was part of her break through. 

"I was fooling myself! She never cared about me, ever. She only cared about men and their money." Shane said. Her breakdown continued. Kathy reached out to her and slowly began patting her shoulder for a short time.

"She kicked me out." Shane said. "But my boyfriend said it was okay..that we were gonna be okay and I believed that." Shane continued. She shook her head. "We got some shit hole apartment on the wrong side of town. He worked at the grocery store but he wasn't making anything. We weren't ready for a kid.." 

"I had no choice but to get on welfare, I got any aid I could because I had to. We needed it. He hated it, he said that he could provide for his family but he was dreaming. He began drinking. I don't know why, I guess he felt like a failure, like less of a man." Shane continued to explain through her tears. 

"After the baby was born I got a job. Things were a little better with the extra income or so I hoped. But they got worse! He became an alcoholic and he'd yell at me constantly. It wasn't long before the beatings came. I thought I was gonna die..

But I got the strength to leave the day he tried to hit my baby girl. That's where I drew the line. I waited until he left to go get hammered and I ran and never looked back. I got a job at a strip club to support us and that's where I met my ex-husband. 

He took me away from all of that, we had kids together but he was no saint. He popped pills and threw back bottles left and right. It wasn't soon before I followed his footsteps." Shane finished. She had no more words, only tears.

**Hey so sorry. It's harder than I thought it would be to type Shane's story. It's times like this where I wished I was good at filming in game lol. Hopefully it came across somewhat decent. Shane probably won't get anymore time like this. I just wanted to explain why Shane felt so strongly about Veronica's choices as a mother. She saw her own mother when Veronica confessed how she truly was. So instead of bonding with her, be began to hate her. However, Kathy saw through it, it's her job to after all. 

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Chapter Twenty: Let it go Pt. 1

Bridgeport Graveyard, 6:18 P.M.

Jeremy's point of view


I know I shouldn't be here. I know I should just go home. 


Where is home anymore? It seems we've been bouncing from place to place now. The word seemed so distorted now that home seemed to be wherever I laid my head.

Nevertheless I found myself here. At the Bridgeport Cemetery, the place that my grandma would be resting for all eternity. I hadn't been here since she was lowered into the ground. I just couldn't bring myself to come back. It made it all the more real. And right now, I had my fill of reality to last a lifetime. 

Well I was here now. I couldn't turn back even if I wanted to. I owed her this visit and despite my reasons for coming, I was here and that's what mattered. 

As I neared the gate, I couldn't help but stare at the figure out front. The statue seemed to command your attention. As if you had to look at her before passing through, as if you needed her permission. It was nothing special however, just a woman from the waist up. She was arm-less but she didn't look weak. Somehow she looked strong. I quit trying to figure out the hidden meaning and why she was placed there and walked through the iron gates.

I didn't know what to expect when I walked towards the burial site. I do know that I didn't expect to be overwhelmed with such grief. I couldn't explain it, but seeing those two headstones with my grandparents names written across just took everything I had in me. I could do nothing but drop to my knees in despair. 

"Grandma...grandpa" I said in a chocked up whisper. I had never got to meet my grandfather, but I felt bad about not visiting him either. I felt so ashamed. My grandmother had raised Malcolm and I when no one else would, when the people who should have abandoned their responsibility, abandoned us. 

What could I say but sorry at this time? What could I say that would make up for me not coming to see her, to see them? 

I had to be the world's worst grandson, but of course she would never tell me that if she was here. She never allowed me to feel guilty. I don't know why. Maybe because she wanted to protect me, maybe she felt that she had to show double the love because my Mother wasn't there and I had never met my Father.

"Grandma I'm sorry." I said at last. I let the words soak into the air, hoping they'd drift up to Heaven where I knew she had to be. She was an Angel so of course she would be there. 

"I can't tell you why I haven't been back to see you, no reason I could give would make it better. I am just sorry so please forgive me? I couldn't bare it if you hated me." I continued to speak to her.

Although she wasn't physically here I still felt better just by speaking to her. I could almost feel the weight lifting off my shoulders, brick by brick it seemed. 

"I shouldn't be here. No..I should. I should be here, but not now. I shouldn't use you as an excuse to run away. Again..I'm sorry." I said. I was such a fuck up. I was a coward, a disappointment. 

Why couldn't I visit my grandmother like a normal person, why was I here only when I was needing to runaway? She didn't deserve that. She deserved to be shown the same love and care she had shown Malcolm and I all those years. All those years she spent working, taking care of us, sacrificing her life for us. 

"Do you hate me?" I asked. 

She didn't have to be here for me to get an answer. She could never hate me. She would never let me hate myself either. After that moment of realization, I began to stand. It was as if she was talking to me. No, not talking, but chastising me. 

I could see her now, shaking her head but smiling. She would have her hand on her hip telling me to get up before I ruin my jeans to the point of no return. 

I stood and I felt better. I could feel her presence somehow and it relaxed me.

"I never thanked you for all you did. I never knew how much you did for us until I had to step in your shoes." I continued. "You have pretty big shoes to fill Ma'am. I worry that I could never fill them the way you did." 

The wind blew for a moment, but it wasn't cold nor was it hot. It was warm, but it was nice. It was comforting. 

"I have to go home don't I?" I asked and nodded, answering my own question. "I know, I know.."

"Okay. I'm going before you come down here and push me." I said and laughed. I imagined I must look crazy to anyone visiting. Who comes to a grave site and laughs? Well I did apparently. And I didn't care how it might have looked to someone. The outside didn't matter, it was just me and grandma.

I turned to leave, but looked back for a second. 

"Goodbye grandma, granddad..I promise I will be back soon. Love you." I said and continued exiting. 

I felt a million times better once I left the cemetery. The only issue now was what was waiting for me back home. However, it was okay. It was all going to be okay. 

***Okay I know I was complaining about not being able to finish this chapter so why am I breaking it up? Lol don't get too mad at me. Once I started writing and opted for Jeremy's point of view first, I decided that he needed his own chapter. It was suppose to be more or less his story anyways (Oops). Anyways the second part will take place after Veronica came home to the half-way house. You will also find out more about her roommate, Shane. 

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Dear Sims 3...

PLEASE Stop crashing. I would like to finish taking pictures for once without interruption.

I THOUGHT I fixed the issue by removing newly installed CC, but it wasn't a permanent fix. I was able to play longer than usual and took half the pictures. I just don't know anymore. I want to finish this story but between classes and my game crashing like it's going out of style is just hair pulling-ly frustrating! This week seems to be the week of everything going bad and not just my game. Anyways I don't know when I will update the story now. I just can not handle another crash screen on my PC :/

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Chapter Nineteen: D for Disaster

After their little adventure down to the Supermarket, Veronica went to call her family. Her nervous fingers slowly keyed in the numbers and she held her breath as she waited for someone to pick up.

Come on. She mentally commanded after the third ring. 

Maybe no one is home.. Came a later thought. 

Veronica was on the verge of hanging up when a someone finally answered. 

"Hello, sorry about the wait." Nina answered. 

"Hi Nina..uh, how are you?" Veronica asked unsure what to say. She was hoping she would have gotten her brother, but hope failed her this time. 

"Veronica? Hi. I'm fine." Nina was just as unsure on how to respond to Veronica. They hadn't talked since her visit to rehab and neither of them were 100% used to their new, peaceful relationship. "How's rehab?" 

"Rehab was helpful. I'm out now, that's why I called. I'm in a halfway house.." Veronica replied.

"Oh that's great! You should come over, if you can. The boys would love to see you I'm sure." Nina said. She wasn't entirely sure of what she had said until the words were already spoken. 

She regretted instantly inviting her over. Daniel nor Jeremy were home to confirm rather or not they'd want to see Veronica. But it was too late to take back now. All she could hope was Veronica would turn down her offer. 

"Sure." Veronica accepted.

"Great." Nina said. 

"Wonderful." Veronica replied. "I gotta go." She said suddenly and hung up. 

Veronica pondered over the brief conversation as she went to take a seat behind her. 

What had I done? She thought to herself. 

Veronica was still processing the thought of seeing her children after her time spent in jail and rehab. She didn't have to think too deeply to know Jeremy would be standoffish. After he turned 12, it had always been that way. It was as if all hope for Veronica was lost by that age. And Malcolm? Veronica worried if he would even remember her. He was still so young and although she was his mother, she certainly hadn't been stable in his life. 

"What's wrong with you?" Shane asked as she suddenly joined Veronica in the living room. Caught off guard, Veronica had jumped slightly. 

"Calm down. I'm not gonna bit ya." Shane joked. 

Veronica thought her new roommate had a strange sense of humor, but re-framed from sharing that. 

"I was just thinking." Veronica replied. 

"Thinking about tailing it out of here? Me too." Shane said. Veronica shook her head. 

"Oh? Well what's on your mind then?" Shane said, changing her tune. She took a seat. 

"My boys, my family. I'm suppose to see them tomorrow." Veronica said. 

"Then why do you look so down about it? I'd be jumping for joy." Shane said. 

"I just..I'm worried they might hate me." Veronica replied. 

"Hate you? You're their mother! They could never hate you." Shane said. 

Veronica wasn't sure if Shane was joking or being dead serious. 

"They would have good reason too.." Veronica started. 

"Bull. My eldest tried to guilt me once. Saying I was a shitty mother. I had to remind her that no matter what I did, I did my best to make sure they never wanted for nothing. Even if I had to sell my ass to God know's who. If your kids give you any lip, you smack their ungrateful asses." Shane said. 

Veronica didn't know Shane had kids or anything about the woman for that matter. Veronica was too ashamed to say her actions weren't for the benefit of her kids, but for her own selfish desires. Shane obviously wasn't perfect, but she seemed to care more about her children's well being than Veronica. So to avoid going down memory lane, she switched gears. 

"How many kids do you have?" Veronica asked. 

"Five. Four girls and a boy." Shane replied. 

"I have two boys." Veronica said. 

Before the two women could get further acquainted, a voice called out from down the hall.

"First meeting is starting in five, get ready!" 

The next morning, after she had gotten permission, Veronica began to get ready. She was still anxious about seeing her kids, Daniel and Nina, but she tried her best to hide it. 

Nina was up bright and early too. She had broke the news to both Daniel and Jeremy last night. Daniel wasn't too thrilled about being told at the last minute, but didn't put up an argument. Jeremy on the other hand, said that he had to work and would try to take the day off. His eyes said another story though, his eyes were saying he would be anywhere but home when Veronica came to visit. 

But that was yesterdays worries, Nina didn't want to cloud her head with negativity. She only hope that Jeremy showed up. 

As the morning progressed, Nina had seen Jeremy off to school, got herself ready for the day and then began to get Malcolm ready. He was always so happy in the morning. He never fussed, he just simply waited until someone freed him from his crib, he was such a sweet baby. 

"Morning love bug. Are you ready to see your mama today?" Nina asked with forced cheer. She wasn't entirely happy with Veronica coming to visit herself. It just reminded of her of the inevitable, that she'd be childless again. 

Malcolm stretched out his hands happily, oblivious to Nina's worries. 

The time had finally arrived for Veronica to make her debut. It was nearing 2 pm and Jeremy would be home soon, so it was the perfect time to have her come. Nina was the first to spot her and called out to Daniel. 

As she was holding Malcolm in her arms, she let Veronica inside. 

The two women smiled at each other and exchanged greetings, Daniel appeared out of the bedroom seconds later and greeted his sister too. 

Nina and Veronica continued to make small talk, until Daniel began to venture away from the group. They hadn't prepared lunch yet and so he opted to do it. 

"Nina why don't you help me?" Daniel suggested. 

Nina knew he didn't need help preparing something so simple as a Salad. 

"Put Malcolm down and come over here." He added. 

That was what he had meant. He wanted to tell her, indiscreetly, to let Veronica hold her son. 

"Right, here I come." Nina called back. She forced a small smile before placing the toddler on the ground.  

Veronica took the opportunity to pick Malcolm up. 

**My game crashed after this, so excuse Malcolm's mini wardrobe change**

"Oh Mama missed you so so much little guy. Have you been a good boy for your Aunt and Uncle?" Veronica said and hugged him close to her. She had forgotten how soft he felt, how love and innocence just radiated from him. 

"Mama" Malcolm simply replied. 

"Yes, mama is here and she's never leaving you again." She promised. 

Nina and Daniel had finished the salads. Well Daniel had, Nina was too distracted by watching Veronica interact with Malcolm. She was happy for him, she truly was. But she couldn't help but to feel jealous. She had been his "mother" for weeks now and Veronica walks in and it's as if she no longer matters. It broke her heart. 

"Veronica why don't you go to Malcolm's room? You can play with his toys with him." Daniel said upon seeing the sour look on Nina's face. He hoped that it would lighten her mood. 

"Nina.." Daniel called once the coast was clear. 

"Yes?" She answered from a short distance away.

"Come here." He said.

She turned around and joined him by the kitchen sink.

"What is it?" She asked. 

"It's okay." Daniel told her. 

Nina didn't bother to deny that anything was wrong, he wouldn't believe her anyways. She simply nodded her head. He kissed his wife, hoping to kiss away any negative thoughts still lingering in her mind. 

Veronica enjoyed watching her youngest son play with his Xylophone. He banged against the keys happily and even tried to chew on the stick a few times, but she enjoyed every moment of it. 

Time was passing by rapidly, so fast that she almost forgot Jeremy never came home. More time passed and they ate together. The salad was nothing special, but enjoying it with people who loved her felt nice. She even got to fed Malcolm for the first time in what felt like forever. Although he was a big boy and could hold the bottle himself, he happily accepted her help. 

The duo had returned back to the nursery, but Veronica was growing annoyed. Not with Malcolm, but being forced to wait things out and no one addressing the fact that Jeremy wasn't home. 

She gathered Malcolm up in her arms and went in search for Danny or Nina, whomever she spotted first. Malcolm was reluctant to detach from his toy, but he didn't protest too long. Nina saw her brother in the kitchen washing the few dishes that gathered. 

"Danny?" Veronica called out.

"Hey." He said and turned around. She walked further into the kitchen with Malcolm still attached to her hip.

"Thank you for this, it really meant a lot." Veronica said honestly. It hadn't turned out exactly how she imagined, but she was still grateful.

Daniel shook his head. 

"It was all Nina's idea, thank her." Daniel said. 

Veronica nodded. 

"Yes thank her for me too." Veronica replied.

"Do it yourself, she's only in the bedroom. I'll go get her." He offered. 

"No no, that isn't necessary. I need to go anyways." Veronica interjected. 

He looked at her puzzled by her sudden urge to leave.

"Why?" He asked. 

"I have a curfew to keep and besides he's not coming.." Veronica replied.

"Jeremy?" Daniel inquired. "He probably had to work. He will be home soon." Daniel tried to convince her to stay. 

"It's alright. I understand." Veronica said. She hoped he wouldn't push the topic any further and he didn't. He reached for Malcolm and saw her to the door. 

Veronica decided to take advantage of the time she had before the taxi would be around to pick her back up. It wasn't long, but she needed to do something to pass the time. She decided to take a stroll throughout the neighborhood. She hadn't been on this side in a while, since her arrest to be exact. 

Truthfully, she missed it. She knew she shouldn't, but she did. 

She was debating on rather or not to go inside. She was right there, so close. But she had came too far to throw things away now. 

Just as she was walking pass, a patron was exiting. 

"Veronica?" A scruffy voice called behind her. "Damn it's been're looking good." He commented. 

"Thanks." She said not bothering to turn around. 

"You coming in? First drink is on me." He offered.

"No..I'm good." She said and kept walking. 

Veronica had finally made it home, just in time too. She said goodbye to the taxi driver and headed inside. 

She entered the small house and noticed she wasn't alone in the living room. 

"You made it home on time, barely." Kathy remarked. 

"Sorry.." Veronica said. 

"It's okay. This doesn't count as a strike yet." Kathy replied. "Have a seat, our meeting is about to start now that you're home." 

Great Veronica thought as she took her seat. 

***This wasn't exactly how I pictured the welcome home lunch going. Jeremy would have been there if my game didn't keep crashing at their house..After the third attempt I gave up and did the best with what I had***